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Holidays, School vacations, Non-working days

Germany Calendar with Holidays and Vacations, by Years and Federal States

Schedule and calendar of public holidays and vacations, which are work-free days, list and description of all popular holidays in Germany.

  What holiday is it today in Germany

Find out about today's public, popular, or religious holiday in Germany? What holiday was yesterday, recently, or will be soon. Information for Germany as a whole and by federal states.

  Public holidays

Online calendar with public holidays in Germany, as well as a schedule of public holidays by years and by federal states.

Popular folk, religious holidays, and memorial days in Germany by years. Description, dates, customs of celebration, origin, and greetings.

  School holidays

School vacations and school-free days by years and by states of Germany. Winter, summer, spring, and autumn vacations.

  Questions and answers

What is today's holiday in Germany??

To find out what today's holiday is in Germany, follow this link. Here you will find a list of all current German public holidays, today, yesterday, and tomorrow.

Which days are days off in Germany?

Information on which days are days off in Germany, their number in the current year, and by year can be found on a separate page of our website: Days off in Germany.

Where can I find the school holiday schedule in Germany?

The school holiday schedule in Germany by year and by German states can be found on a separate page of our website.

How many holidays are there in Germany in total and by region?

The How many holidays are there in Germany by year and by German states can be found on a separate page of our website.

Information about popular holidays in Germany

To view complete information on/ about the state/ public as well as unofficial popular and religious holidays in Germany, go to the table with the information about holidays in Germany. In the table you will find the dates, customs, origin of the holidays, as well as popular greetings and wishes for the holidays.

However, note that in Germany, besides popular and generally accepted holidays, there are also many local domestic holidays, for example, holidays of cities, large enterprises and organizations, even holidays of streets or city districts. In addition, there are traditional holidays held in connection with the harvest of cherries, pumpkins and other fruits or vegetables, annual fairs and so on. Such holidays are noisy and merry, but they do not have fixed dates and are set annually by the organizers of the holidays. Information on holding such celebrations can be found on the Internet on the sites of the cities, districts or companies that are of interest to you.

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