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School Vacations in Germany for 2025: Calendar, List

  Schedule of School Vacations in Germany for 2025 Year

Calendars of School Vacations and Holidays by German States

Schedule of School Vacations in Germany

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  School holidays by states in Germany

Each federal state in Germany determines its own school vacation times. Select the German state you need to view the calendar and schedule of vacations.


  • The dates of school vacations are presented in our list in accordance with the data from the Secretariat of the Standing Conference of the Ministry of Culture and Education of the German states. Over time, vacation dates may change. See the most up-to-date information at the School Administration of the German states, links to official websites You can find in the vacation schedule by states.
  • In addition to official vacations, there are additional days off and flexible vacations in German schools. Exact dates can be learned directly at the school.


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