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Celebrating the Pentecost in Germany: dates, celebration, conventional congratulations, greetings, traditions and customs on the Pentecost

On this page you will find a description of the Pentecost festivities in Germany. Celebration dates by year, customs and traditions common for Germany on the Pentecost, a description of the origin, congratulations & greetings.

  Dates for the Pentecost celebration in Germany

The date of the Pentecost celebration in Germany changes every year.

The Pentecost celebration date in Germany:
19 May and 20 May 2024 .

Below is a list of dates for celebrating the Pentecost in Germany by year, provided that in previous and subsequent years the present practice and time of the holiday celebration is preserved:

  Other names of the holiday

Holiday name in German: Pfingstsonntag, Pfingstmontag.

Other names for the Pentecost in Germany:

  Holiday status in the territory of Germany

Pentecost is an extra non-working day (non-working days) throughout Germany – it’s a national holiday.

  Wishes and congratulations, greetings on the Pentecost in Germany

No information available.

  Description of the Pentecost celebration: customs and traditions:

Pentecost is one of the most important religious holidays in Christianity; it is celebrated on the 50th day after Easter to commemorate the Holy Spirit descent on the first Christians, the event that is considered the day of the Christian congregation formation. The feast is also known as the birthday of the church. It is a public holiday in Germany, a day off from work.

The holiday embraces various customs and traditions, some of them have sunk into oblivion over time, others still exist up to date:

  The origin of the Pentecost holiday

The event underlying this celebration is the Holy Spirit descent on the first Christians, which took place on the 50th day after Easter and is considered the day of the Christian congregation or church formation. The name of the holiday is associated with the 50th day on which this event took place.

Celebrating the holiday began only in the 4th century AD, hundreds of years after the event per se.

The ways pertaining to the Pentecost celebration (see above on the page) have nothing to do with Christianity and are associated with pagan superstitions and traditions of fertility and protection against evil spirits.

  Photos, pictures for the holiday

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