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Celebrating the German Unity Day in Germany: dates, celebration, conventional congratulations, greetings, traditions and customs on the German Unity Day

On this page you will find a description of the German Unity Day festivities in Germany. Celebration dates by year, customs and traditions common for Germany on the German Unity Day, a description of the origin, congratulations & greetings.

  Dates for the German Unity Day celebration in Germany

The date of the German Unity Day celebration in Germany remains unchanged every year and falls on 3 October.

The German Unity Day celebration date in Germany:
Thursday 3 October 2024 .

Below is a list of dates for celebrating the German Unity Day in Germany by year, provided that in previous and subsequent years the present practice and time of the holiday celebration is preserved:

  Other names of the holiday

Holiday name in German: Tag der Deutschen Einheit.

We are not aware of any other names for the German Unity Day in Germany.

  Holiday status in the territory of Germany

German Unity Day is an extra non-working day throughout Germany – it’s a national holiday.

  Wishes and congratulations, greetings on the German Unity Day in Germany

No information available.

  Description of the German Unity Day celebration: customs and traditions:

In many countries, there are national holidays, which are usually called the Independence Day and are observed with regard to gaining independence from other countries. However, the German national holiday is celebrated not regarding independence, it rather has to do with the unification of East and West Germany, which became separate countries after World War II; the reunification took place on 3.10.1990 (see details below in the holiday origin description).

The German Unity Day is a public holiday that is a day off from work throughout Germany, on which schools, many businesses and even shops are closed.

A particularly preferred place to celebrate this holiday is the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, since, after the "fall" of the Berlin Wall, it was here that the first meeting place for the residents of East and West Germany was. At the Brandenburg Gate, as well as in 17th of June Street in Berlin, festive events and concerts are held on this day.

The capitals of the Federal Länder or federated states of Germany also deliver events on the occasion of this holiday. Horse races for the "Preis der Deutschen Einheit" prize are held on this day at the Hippodrome in Berlin. Besides, various associations and communities organize open days on the German Unity Day.

On the German Unity Day occasion, annually special unique events are planned, as well as a major place for the festivity and a motto (slogan) for that year's holiday. In 2017, such a place was the city of Mainz with the motto "Together we are Germany", while in 2018 it was Berlin with the "Only with you" motto. For the German Unity Day 20th anniversary, the Federal Ministry of Finance issued 10 euro silver commemorative coins.

  The origin of the German Unity Day holiday

After World War II, Germany was divided into West Germany (the FRG) and East Germany (the GDR). However, on November 9, 1989, the borders between these parts of Germany were reopened. On October 3, 1990, the GDR was annexed or became part of the FRG. It is this event that formed the German Unity Day basis.

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