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Celebrating the Birds Wedding in Germany: dates, celebration, conventional congratulations, greetings, traditions and customs on the Birds Wedding

On this page you will find a description of the Birds Wedding festivities in Germany. Celebration dates by year, customs and traditions common for Germany on the Birds Wedding, a description of the origin, congratulations & greetings.

  Dates for the Birds Wedding celebration in Germany

The date of the Birds Wedding celebration in Germany remains unchanged every year and falls on 25 January.

The Birds Wedding celebration date in Germany:
Thursday 25 January 2024 .

Below is a list of dates for celebrating the Birds Wedding in Germany by year, provided that in previous and subsequent years the present practice and time of the holiday celebration is preserved:

  Other names of the holiday

Holiday name in German: Vogelhochzeit.

We are not aware of any other names for the Birds Wedding in Germany.

  Holiday status in the territory of Germany

Birds Wedding is not an extra non-working day in Germany.

  Wishes and congratulations, greetings on the Birds Wedding in Germany

There are no special congratulations on this holiday.

  Description of the Birds Wedding celebration: customs and traditions:

It is believed that at this time, after the winter period, birds begin to build nests and lay eggs. In kindergartens or at home, on the eve of the holiday, children put plates on the windowsill or in front of the door for the birds who have a wedding on this day to bring them sweets shaped like birds or nests, as well as other special treats, to their plates. The cookies put on the plates are called "sroki", which stands for the German "Sroki", "Sroka". In some cases, children dress up in bird costumes, celebrate bird weddings, and organize processions.

During the celebration, children sing the song "Die Vogelhochzeit", "Bird's Wedding", which is a very famous folk song in Germany, known since the 15th century.

The lyrics begin like this:

Ein Vogel wollte Hochzeit machen
in dem grünen Walde.
Fidirallala, fidirallala,
(A bird wanted to make a wedding
in the green forest.
Fidirallala, fidirallala, fidirallalalala.)

  The origin of the Birds Wedding holiday

The exact origin of this custom is unknown. The holiday is associated with the Day of St. Vincent (Tag des heiligen Vinzenz), which falls on January 22. As legend has it, after the death of this Christian saint martyr, his body was guarded by birds. In the Middle Ages and on, the Bird's Wedding Day has been celebrated on this day.

  Photos, pictures for the holiday

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Bird's Wedding

Bird's Wedding


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